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RDA Contracting Secures a construction contract

US Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento District, recently has awarded a $2.16 million construction contract to RDA Contracting for erosion repair near Isleton on the Sacramento River.

The work involves placing about 14 tons of quarry stone along 591ft of the eroded levee. The construction work is planned to start in August and is expected to complete by the end of 2016.

The construction work is critical for public safety and can prevent property damage. The eroded levee could be destroyed in flood season, endangering public safety. So Corp Project Manager has expedited the contract award.

The work will also improve California Highway 160 adjacent to the river from Sacramento to Antioch after the erosion repair work is completed. As part of the ongoing Sacramento River Bank Protection Project, the work will repair river bank erosion and protect levees along the Sacramento River and its tributaries to reduce flood risk for the Central.

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Reception Card Wording Examples

Here are a several examples that you can start searching into and base your wording for wedding reception invitations on.

Example # 1
immediately following the ceremony
at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. Nate Janson
578 Abascus Circle
Newport Road

'Immediately following the ceremony' (If there is not an too much amount of passage of time between the ceremony and the reception)

Example # 2
Please join us
as we celebrate the union
of our life and our families
Reception to stick to the ceremony
Radisson Country Club
25 Biltmore Boulevard

Example # 3
The celebration continues
with a reception luncheon for
John and Jenny
2:00 pm
Terrace Bistro
11 West Village Street

Example # 4
Adult Cocktail and
Dinner Reception
at five o'clock in the evening
The Rivertree Valley Hotel
4688 Makeway Drive
Raleigh, North Carolina[url]

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How to Write Christian Wedding Invitations

Your invitations allow site visitors know what to presume at your wedding, by making use of the ambiance in the direction of coloring plan or theme. Letting potential site visitors understand that religion will hold out an enormous element within your ceremony will help them determine what clothing is appropriate, or to create the choice to prevent your ceremony if it goes versus their exclusive religious convictions. term your wedding celebration invitations to reflect your personalities as well as your values getting a couple; this may consist of inserting Christian wording or Bible verses

Design---or choose the layout for---the the front of your invitation. Some invitations won't have any wording concerning the front, even although you can possess the ability to include customized wording which could serve since the best place to reveal a Bible verse or phrase that implies a whole great offer in the direction of two of you. For example, Invitation Consultants provides an invitation using the phrase "Believing in His term and developing within our faith...we sign up for arms in God's adore and start our lifestyle together..." as well as the couple's names concerning the the front concerning the invitation.

Write the specific wording that offers the particulars using the wedding. The exact wording will largely depend on who is web hosting (or having to purchase for) the wedding. For example, once the bride's mom and father are hosting, you can use some thing comparable in the direction of pursuing wording from cable television set Grass Weddings:

"Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Robinson
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of the daughter
Sarah Jane
Raymond Earl Sims
when they ask God's blessing on their union
and His presence within their new lifestyle together."

Conclude the invitation using the particular church name, address, day and time. near getting a Bible verse, in circumstance you desire.

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Make Your Green Wedding Invitations Successful

If you are looking to have a marriage that is as eco amicable as possible, then you have to pay vigilance to all of the minutia. One facet of your marriage that is very simple to tailor to a green setting is your invitation. Today we will look at a number of ways to conceive green marriage invitations and how to double-check that they are still stylish and memorable.


An very simple option for reducing your influence on the natural natural natural environment is to choose to have your requests published on recycled paper. This paper can be acquired rather effortlessly, and you will find that having your Wedding Invitations printed on it is not much more expensive than customary procedures. numerous types of recycled paper have a exclusive antique gaze and feel that will add a sense of method to your invitations, supplying added advantage for being environmentally amicable.


Another large choice is to select invitations that are not made from trees. You can find requests made from cotton paper, as well as ones made on vellum and other components. These requests are attractive and dignified and can let you ask for as numerous people as you want without being concerned about the influence you are having on the world round you.


One of the most exclusive and remarkable Green Wedding Invitations choices is to choose seed embedded cards. These invitations are made with easily biodegradable paper, but the best part is that the paper itself is embedded with tiny wildflower seeds. This means that you can literally toss or entomb your request without feeling like a litterbug. After a couple of months, the location where your request landed will start to sprout attractive wildflowers, double-checking that you alternative not only had no contradictory impact, but that it served to make the world a more beautiful location.

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Customize Your Handmade Wedding Invitations

Many brides are exhausted of the identical customary marriage invitations that other ones have been utilising for decades. The wedding day is one of the most cherished days in a couples lives, so everything desires to be flawless. Every story is unique with the gathering, dating and other tales that the twosome portions, so wedding request should be exclusive as well. This is the reason that numerous twosomes are turning to handmade invitations. The request is the first effect of the exceptional day that visitors get a peek of. If the wedding request is simple Jane with the typical sayings and colors the visitor will assume the marriage will be the same. With a handmade or made-to-order wedding request the twosome gets to select the whole style and feeling of the first effect.

Custom marriage request with image:

Many brides have turned to a made-to-order wedding request that includes a image of the couple. This image not only personalizes the request, but furthermore gives the recipient a gift to cherish. When an request reaches with this minutia and the image of the twosome it signifies the love distributed by the twosome. Some of these made-to-order marriage invitations are really handmade. This is because the bride desires some minutia that can only be accomplished by hand and not appliance. minutia such as ribbons, dried blossoms or departs, sequence, pearls or other adornments can be supplemented to enhance the request. These minutia show how dedicated the twosome is to making their special day flawless.

Scroll method handmade wedding requests:

A newer method has strike the market in considers to marriage requests and notifications. These are only accessible through made-to-order or handmade wedding requests only. fundamentally the request is customized on paper that examines nearly antique, two scrolls are location on the finishes and it is rolled. This is an unconditional exquisite way to notify visitors of the large-scale day. The scroll is then surrounded in a tubular mailer that is delivered to the visitor. These invitations must be made by hand because of the scroll attachment and rolling that is needed. The scroll method request can also encompass the other minutia of bows, lace, pearls because they need hand made vigilance anyhow.

exceptional Quotes/sayings custom made wedding requests:

Most twosomes share some special recital, verse or saying that is exclusive only to their love. Some have decided to customize their Wedding Cards with this data. These require custom marriage invitations. It may be a promise of love, poem or other quotes that the couple desires to share with their friends and family. With numerous twosomes looking for something unique from the customary this is where they are changing marriage from all the rest. These custom marriage invitations can use a poem to incorporate all the data of the wedding. This is a very exclusive yet effective way to notify the visitors.

There are a number of ways to have a made-to-order marriage request. Most printers will work with you if it is a made-to-order saying or a handmade wedding request. The price will most expected increase with the amount of detail that is needed for the request. Handmade wedding requests can be a timely demand, requiring close attention to minutia to make the flawless request. If you are looking for a exclusive wedding requests then gaze to the handmade or custom marriage invitation to make your happening special.

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